Aela Layer Mechanics: Worm

There exists an insurmountable force in the universe seemingly bent on the destruction of all planets of Gordian Layers.  This force has been named simply "The Worm" by the Aelan people.  While not a force unique to Aela, Aelans have a complicated and historied connection to this force, claiming that all magic is given to man by the Worm.  Only those who are aware about the Layers and have traveled to them know the true reach of these behemoths and the terrible nothingness they foretell.    

As an Aelan player, any magical card you play increases your Worm Level.  Witness for yourself as your Aelan cards become stronger or more intense as the Chaotic energies of the Worm emanate all around them, with effects that can include something as extreme as destroying all of the Locations in play!