Crafty Lupine Publishing, LLC

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It all started in 1999, when two young best friends in middle school each separately started to try their hand at creating their very own collectible card games.  Their flights of fancy seemed merely a dream back then.  Slaving over pieces of paper with hastily drawn stick figures slapping each other.

Fast forward to 2010, when these two friends, about to add thousands of miles between them, decided to get serious about creating a finished game together.  A game that takes the best of what they love about board games and combines it with what they love about card games.  That game would eventually become Gordian Layers.

Add in 5 years of work and another close friend, and they made something they can really be proud of.  In January of 2017, their flights of fancy would finally become more than mere dreams when Crafty Lupine Publishing, LLC is born, intent on bringing Gordian Layers to life.


Our Mission...

Crafty Lupine Publishing, LLC is devoted to crafting compelling experiences for our customers.  We strive to take our favorite things about the gaming industry and bring them together in a package we can share with a wider audience.  

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