Daku History

“A fight is coming, Stone Tooth. I sure hope you've stocked up for the winter!”

- Nari Lana, Ghamma tribe scout.

  From the outside, the people of Daku look like four foot tall primitives without a recorded history.  In truth, they are a complex civilization with many pockets of culture scattered throughout a series of floating continents.  

  Each landmass has a forest of red luminescent crystals protruding from their under side.  The continents themselves are small and short on natural resources, which prevented the short humans from advancing in any sort of technology beyond the primitive kind.  The Daku people are far from defenseless, however.  They have adapted their lifestyle to the hardships of their planet.  To start, they have befriended a species of gliding mammals known as glyders.  These glyders are the gigantic cousins to tiny mischievous skwirls that thrive on the many islands that float near the larger landmasses.  


  Besides the symbiotic bond with the glyders, the Daku people have thrived in two other very important ways.  Firstly, they have organized their villages into distinct tribes that take full advantage of the environment they are located in.  A focus on trade within this structure ensures each village thrives.  The three largest of these villages are: the hunters and gatherers of the Ghamma, the spiritual farmers of the Shinokka, and the master merchants and craftsman of the Lynborro.  While smaller tribes exist, most must exchange goods with these three to survive.  This is because despite the tropical temperatures on the island continents, the weather on Daku is very harsh and natural resources are difficult to cultivate.  This brings us to the second reason that the people have thrived.

  Magic is very present everywhere on Daku.  Magic is so prevalent that most Daku do not even know that they are using it.  This is because the magic on Daku is driven by emotional connections.  Individually, Daku magic users are very weak, but together they have created massive effects.  The most notable of these effects is the pleasant yet humid weather all of the continents seem to enjoy.  In truth, beyond the reach of the magical manipulations of the tribes, storms are fierce and never ending.  The traditions of the tribes have kept the storms at bay, yet no Daku know just how important these traditions are to keeping their way of life in tact.