Factions Overview

Select a Layer below to find out about their history and learn about the game mechanics they introduce.




Mechanic: Destroyed Robots go to the Scrap Pile to be recycled.

A realm of Robots, but are they more than they seem?  How did this world come to be?

Discover some of the secrets of these mysterious creations.  

**Included in the "Bulwarks and Gearworks" Expansion**


Mechanic: Heroes inspire your army through Valor.

Discover the world of Knighthood and honor.  Given a tragic gift by their fallen Goddess.

**Included in the "Bulwarks and Gearworks" Expansion**


Whodas Hidden.png

Aela Hidden.png


Mechanic: Increase your connection to the Worm; making your cards stronger over time.

A purple sky, tainted soil and a maddening connection to magic.  

Discover what drives this chaotic world.

False Gordia

Mechanic: Mask your forces beyond a veil, hiding their identity until the time is right.

A great wasteland, uncovered relics and robots from a time long past and a fractured society of Gypsies.  Their history has a greater implication for all of the Layers.




Mechanic: Fuel your cards with Flood Counters, unlocking your cards’ hidden potential.

A planet covered by water, vertical cities, dramatic Heroes and eccentric villains are the norm for the citizens of Geysir.

Discover the watered world. 


Mechanic: Your forces Commune together to help bring out great power from your deck.

A tropical planet covered by floating continents.  These tribal people have a strong connection to each other and the Glyders they befriend.