False Gordia History

There is no greater teacher than the desert.  She holds the harshest lessons for which there are no perfect shelters. 

                                                                        - Phenny Polengka, Story Weaver


  The history of False Gordia lies beneath miles of sand.  Somewhere hidden beneath the surface lies the answer to why the whole planet is an unforgiving wasteland.  Every day, people excavate more and more of this legacy.  Though lost, the people are digging to uncover it.  What stories remain from these excavations are inherited by the story weavers, who recount the great tales of the past in great fictions. 

  Over time, people have gravitated towards these story weavers, and semblances of societies have formed from their influences.  Though these groups are growing in size, a majority of the planet’s population actually remain remote from one another.  For the most part, these nomadic gypsies relish their freedom and the challenge the great desert represents.

Relics of the Past


The planet does not seem to contain any great resources that could spur technological development, so whatever advances are made are borrowed.  Robots, which are referred to as metal giants, are brought back to life by the creative and put to use, building or hauling.

One society that has sprung to life in the wastes are the Scavengers Guild.  These folks are willing to offer coin to those brave enough to explore and exhume artifacts from the past.  It is them that False Gordia has to thank for the word False in front of Gordia.  For ages, this race of mankind has been calling their planet Gordia, as scribblings of old had only ever inclined that this was the name of the planet from which they come from.  As they dug deeper, however, the Jackrabbits found something that would challenge this view.  It has only been in the last year or so that word has spread of the scriptures that refer to Gordia as a place of origin, that is no longer within reach.  These scriptures were fragmented however, and never gave an indication of what this planet is actually called if not for Gordia.

Robots, Fortune Telling, and Rifles

Information is not the only thing coveted by the ambitious Jackrabbits of the world.  Many venture to the furthest depths in search of the machinery left behind by their mysterious ancestors, sometimes even uncovering firearms or metal giants of their own.  There are few smart enough to decipher their operation and spread this knowledge to others.  Though not all skills on this planet manifest themselves in mechanical aptitude. 

Story weavers frequently have the gift of foresight.  The stories they weave are sometimes about individuals who are not yet to be, or about the futures of those they meet.  Many revere this as something divine and are usually eager to hear new musings from the elderly.  Whether or not these future portents come true one thing is certain… False Gordia is a land of fractured pasts, and the people are working to uncover them.