False Gordia Layer Mechanics: The Mirage

  When you live in a desert, you become accustomed to certain things.  Living without an abundance of water, how to spot a deadly three eyed lizard.  Few conditions are as dangerous as the Mirage.  On False Gordia, adventurers often tell grand tales of things they saw in the desert.  Some of these crazy visions were simply masking other dangers, and some which look like giant mouths coming to devour you are actually the entrance to a cave.  While some fall prey to this mischievous illusion, many with a touch for fortune have actually learned how to manipulate and create these visions.

  As a False Gordia player, you will have a keyword unique to your faction.  This keyword is called Masked.  On your turn, you may play a card with this keyword face down as a masked character at no cost.  During your turn, you may pay to unmask one of these characters and reveal the danger they were hiding.  Use these masked illusions to mess with your opponent's minds and to sneak in a hidden danger they did not know was coming.