The sand reflects the purity inside each of us. 

                                                                                       - Foranor, Salt Queen 

  The winds assault his eyes as he emerged from the caverns.  He may have left the caverns with cuts and bruises, but they had at least offered a reprieve from the scorching sun.  Ginn was a Jackrabbit you see, a title given to those who call the endless desert of False Gordia their home.  On his planet, fragments of civilizations are few and far between and buried far underground as sand and desolation make long treks on the surface near impossible.  Even though he was only 14 years old, the nomadic life seemed to call to him, as it did to his mother and his mother’s mother.    

  Today was an important day for Ginn, because today was the day he finally found some old technology important enough to get him the respect he knows he deserves from the Scrappers Guild.  The fact that it should line his pockets with coin didn’t hurt either.  He wrapped the unassuming cylinder in cloth and stuffed it inside his pack as deep as it would go.  If too much sand were to collect inside the crevices, it might damage the sensitive stuff inside and it would be worthless to everyone.  Handled correctly, this power cell might power a metal giant or an underground food store. 

  Ginn lowered his goggles and strapped his rifle, stocked with his last two bullets, onto his back.  He was getting anxious, as a sandstorm seemed to be looming.  He bolted around the corner to find his galpacka.  He found more than the furry mammal.  A figure in an azure robe stood surveying the horizon.  Dumbfounded, Ginn fumbled to draw his weapon, only to drop it on the ground.


“Where is this place?”  Ginn took a second to realize she was in fact addressing him.

“Um, I… I ain’t come u-up with a name for it y-yet…” He blindly felt around for the stock of the gun, finding only sand.

  She turns to look him straight in the eye, the glow from her eyes made them look like green marbles.  “No, child.  This planet, what is it called?” she asked.

  Despite the dangerous heat and the sun at his back, a chill went down his spine.  His instincts telling him that if he didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear, there would be dire consequences.  “…I, uh, well … I don’t right know how to say!  The old ones tell me we used to say its Gordia, but now many sayin’ this ain’t Gordia no more…”

  Her eyes grew wide.  And a slow smile grew across her face, eyes unblinking.  “My, this is quite interesting.”  She bent down and reached a hand out.  Ginn lost his balance and landed in the sand, utterly defeated.  Her hand caressing the child’s face.  “Show me this world, child.  The Jeno cultists will have many questions for me upon my return.”