"Alright everyone, as you know 'Neuzon City stands as a pillar of all that is right in this world'. 

"If you take a look out the window to your right you will notice the high rise buildings and skyscrappers compete to tower over each other, which is the best way to expand when your city is surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean.  While there are frequent visitors from the other great cities, Neuzon City is iconic for their daily coverage of the conflicts that our pilots get into.

"See those streams of white out there in the Western Ocean?  Those are our new PX type Jetsleds!  They're slimmer and lighter that a typical battlesled, which allows the single passenger great speeds as the water that gets pushed through the workings produce a greater thrust.  These are ideal for our 'Slider' Force, who frequently have to deal with the super criminals who try to subvert the law.

"Oh! Cameras out people!  It looks like our very own Captain Jack Fury is hot on the tail of the notorious Stormy.  This time it looks like she brought some sort of supersized Storm-Bot to help her getaway from our infamous leader of the Sliders!  Oh, watch as Fury deftly dodges all those robotic tentacles.  He seems to be shouting something now, perhaps a warning and - ohp there are shots fired.  The signature blue flash of Neuzon City's stun bullets as they explode is a cascade of light on the buildings and -

"Hold on to something!  It seems the robot guardian has dug its arms into this very building.  If you are close enough to the window, you can see Fury has abandoned the chase to rescue the civilians on the ground from the falling debris!  Yes, Stormy has gotten away yet again.  How can such a large robot disappear so fast? My... 

"Well, this has been quite a tour folks, be sure this will make the headlines in all our papers tomorrow.  Now, shall we head down to the historical dock area?  It showcases the first bolt that was welded in all of Neuzon City and houses the massive electrical turbines."