The Portals Have Opened!

In Gordian Layers, you take on the role of ambassador and strategist.  Previously separated worlds have suddenly become connected through various Gates.  The inhabitants now stand on the brink.  Will war find them, or will it be peace?  Inspire the land's forces and lead them towards a tomorrow of your own design. 

Gordian Layers is a Location Control game with a twist!

A firm hand is not the only way to get the support of a people.  You can send in the troops or send in your most charismatic to earn the influence you need to decide the fate of nations.  Be wary, however, as your opponent will not show mercy to your agents.

Unique Faction ABILITIES!

Each faction has a unique keyword or mechanic specific to that faction.  Discover new interactions when factions are mixed together.

Make Political Moves!

Vie for diplomatic progress to move your Ambassador token along the Diplomacy Tracks.  Earn strategic advantages through commerce and warfare.  Use Embassies to buy you time to talk your way to an alternate victory.

Shared Turns!

Gordian Layers has been designed around a shared turn system.  Each player participates in every phase of the game.  Players start off on equal footing from the start of the game.

Mix In additional layers

There are three ways to arrange the game:

  1. Deal the players a pre-built full faction deck. This way is best for an introduction to the rules and to learn the layers. Discover what each makes each faction unique, their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Each player drafts two Layers. Players then choose which Heroes to fight for them. Those Heroes have their own options they bring to the table. Discover interesting combinations that come from mixing themes together.
  3. Build your own deck. While following a few guidelines, tailor the deck you play to exactly how you want to play it. The guidelines serve as a means of keeping your deck on the same power level as other crafted decks.