Where Have All The People Gone?

Nen didn’t used to be a world filled with robots bent on the destruction of all of humanity.  On the contrary, once upon a time, Nen was a peaceful utopia.  Advancement of technology led to the automation of the entire workforce, and let the people of the world pursue art, science, and philosophy exclusively. Disease was eradicated, government was unified, and even death from old age became rare.  This all changed however, when the Worm came.

A hole in the sky let loose a terrible creature of mountainous proportions, a creature others will come to call the Worm.  The cries of the Worm echoed throughout the layer, giving the people of Nen their first reason to feel fear in a long time.  A thin layer seemed to have kept the creature at bay until the sky reformed and the vision faded from view.  United in their efforts, the governments of Nen had created nine unique robots with enough sentience to study the events of what happened that day, and fathom a way to prevent it.

Months of calculations had led the nine robots to gather at a robot manufacturing facility.  The facility itself was one of the nine, and had named itself Mother.  Together, they formulated a plan to end the lives of the humans en masse.  They called this The Final Answer.

A scrambled signal went out across the world, deactivating the workers it could reach.  With most of the robots on the layer non-operational, society was thrown into chaos.  These machines which people depended on for aspect of their lives had all turned off at once, and nobody knew how to survive without them.  During the ensuing months, all order had broken down as fresh food and water began to grow scarce... 

Mother, under the instruction of the database droid Nurse, began altering the workers she had created.  While the humans were reorganizing into tribes and clinging to the last vestiges of their former lives, the robots were building.  One fateful morning, the robots’ plan was put into action.  In fleets they flew through the sky in careful patterns, remotely reprogramming the machines that were left dysfunctional.  All at once, they came back to life, and began systematically eliminating the people of Nen.  Within months the population of the layer had plummeted from billions to a few hundred.

For centuries now, they have been scavenging the planet for resources.  Every last scrap of material gathered has been brought back to mother for repurposing and reusing.  The data runners scan the layer endlessly, keeping tabs on the strength of the walls of the layer and searching for any remaining humans to exterminate. 300 years have passed and suddenly portals have opened on Nen, leading to other planets.  Not ready for war, Nen has started the development of combat units while sending in whatever they have to indicate these humans’ intentions.  Their programming still driving them to eliminate a human presence on Nen, though now they are faced with a paradigm shift.

Other factions:


Shortly after the dominion of robots came to be, a robotic entity appeared to threaten the new order.  The creature, thereafter named Father, was the size of a mountain and roamed the planet utterly demolishing any semblance of structure on the planet.  Some Robots feel like he is divine providence, a reminder of their sins and sent to Nen to punish them for their crimes.  Any attempts to destroy him have failed.  Only one among them could predict Father’s movements.  He was given the name Prophet and was charged with keeping Mother out of harms way.

The Human Remnants:

While most of humanity perished during the Final Answer, a few were able to stay safe from the speciocide.  They retreated far into the wilderness to a hidden research base that was shielded from the reprogramming by a network of jamming systems.  For centuries they have been simply trying to figure out how to stay alive, and are not yet aware of the portals that have been opening.