Nen Portal

Nurse Tram.png

You h-*kcshh!*-ived at your destination.  Have *kcshh!*-onderful day!”  The chipper voice, garbled from antiquity, betrayed the bleakness of the old vehicle’s surroundings.  While much was destroyed during the Final Answer, the public transit system of the city that used to be known as Cross was still decently functional.  The robots didn’t care anyway.  As long as it worked and wasn’t alive it would serve a purpose. 

This transport’s purpose was to bring Nurse to investigate a spacial anomaly at the center of the city.  With a whirring of electrical energy and a clanking of metal, the old machine exited the vehicle.  “Scanning for signs of life, “ spoke an almost feminine voice generated from the speaker on Nurse’s chest.  Nurse was built before the war, and, like the transport that brought it to this place, was built with features meant to make the robot more endearing to humankind.  Such features served no purpose now.

It’s voice echoed through the ancient city square, the only sound present besides the ever present roaring of the wind.  There were no more trees left to break the gales, and the buildings that were left after being stripped of anything useful had begun to erode from the movement of the dirt and ash.  Nurse scanned the environments around it, eventually the buzzing of its sensors subsiding.  “None found… proceed with mission.”

Two smaller machines emerged from the vehicle at the behest of Nurse’s electronic signal.  They were made after the culling of man, and possessed none of the elements of comfort the older robots possessed.  They were creations of simple efficiency, a platform of practical limbs and sensors.  Nurse created these data runners for reconnaissance purposes, to comb the planet for any signs of life or resources.  Normally, Nurse would trust the data they gathered and operate them remotely from within Mother, but this time it was different.

An intense, alien light glowed from a circular doorway on the far end of the square.   Nurse’s almost sensors overloaded at the light.  It had been a very long time before anything resembling sunlight had pierced the clouds and kissed the scarred landscape of Nen.  Although possessing nothing resembling emotion, Nurse’s circuits bristled with electricity, unsure of what to anticipate.  The data runners had sent information regarding this spacial perplexity; a portal into another world.  Nurse had calculated the probability of this to be 0.009% possible, but could it be true?

As Nurse and the data runners approached the portal, alarm sirens erupted from the robots, causing rubble from some of the nearby buildings to crumble.  The images beyond were unlike anything Nurse had scanned even before the Final Answer.  “LIFE FOUND. TRANSMITTING TO MOTHER. ACTIVATING PROTOCOL.”

Nurse and the data runners returned to the transport vehicle. “wELcome to Omnitram! Please allow *kcshh!*ers with disabilities priority sEAting.”  As the tram rumbled away, through the darkness and dust, Nurse began to access blueprints it had designed over the years.  It was time to create again.