The Journey Part 5: The Story

When me and Jack sat down to create an unique universe to build our game around, we had no idea how big it would get. We did not want it to become too cliche’d and in turn was determined to create something that felt original to anyone who reads it. Gordian Layers revolves around the concept of evolution. In this universe, we wanted to try and peg an elusive genre combo; sci-fi/fantasy thats actually more on the science side than the fantasy one.


This is where our overarching villains came from. A rather long discussion about space and space travel led us to create the Worm, which represents an antagonist for all Layers.

A mouth as large as a city, they bust through an unseen membrane in the atmosphere of the layers. Wherever the Worm descends, reality is torn apart, and madness grips the planet.

This is but one mystery that surrounds the Layers as many have their own mystique and questions to be answered. But, what does that mean for us? Well, if this game is funded, we have many other works planned moving forward. While Gordian Layers: Portal Bound may be a board game, Gordian Layers as a brand will be represented in many places. Success in 2018 will allow us to start on a path to creating an SNES style rpg to help spread the story to a larger audience. Novels are also planned out, with all the beats already mapped. Who knows where we could go after that! Not to worry, we have plenty of other board game ideas as well.

By: Jonathan Hansen

The Long Journey Part 4: The Future of The Game

Behold, an example of a finished character.

Aela Character Example.jpg

We have six factions fully fleshed out and part of the base set, Portal Bound. We also have six more faction abilities that are ready to go. In addition, we have two dual faction releases planned that will give each faction a total of 80 cards, 8 Heroes and 8 Locations. However, there is another aspect to our design I would like to tell you about today. That is, the fact that our game is completely modular!

Hypothetical Expansion: What if the character you see above is actually the one you choose to play Gordian Layers: Invasion, a 5 player cooperative expansion that has its own unique rules but you can use cards from the base game. Lets say its a deck building adventure game with a board…

Theory Craft.jpg

Your combat prowess is a bonus you add to a die roll to overcome your enemies defense, your Charisma is now called your Lore stat and determines how many combat cards you can use per turn and your capacity is actually a the weight of your blow, determining damage you deal to the monster. The cost here determines your starting gold. Wounds would be added to your deck, making future turns harder to keep going as your options run out.

We have a lot of cool ideas for expansions that completely changes the game while using the same cards. Some are miniature based while others are solo themed. The possibilities do not end with the card game version! We want to be the first company that really pushes the value you get out of every project we create!

By: Jonathan Hansen

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