The Goddess

Since the earliest recorded Whodas history, there has been a being deigned a Goddess who shows up at important crossroads in time to guide mankind along the right path.  They named this being Amira, creator of fire.  She has been there since before the inception of the seven great kingdoms, gently steering the people towards peace and prosperity.  In Amira’s name, many Whodasians explored philosophy and mastered many art forms.  From blacksmiths to farmers to painters, all wanted to seek a piece of her perfection. Many religions were even crafted in her name.  Wars were started and prevented at the mere sight of her. However, even when a moral compass was visible and present, mankind had chosen conflict and greed. 

It became apparent that mankind would not be able to keep a peace in spite of Amira’s guidance.  Gradually over the centuries, she withdrew her influence from the world, becoming a mere ideal instead of a political force.  Her celebrity and influence had left its scars, and those scars culminated in the largest global conflict that would become known as the Seven Wars. 

The Seven Wars

These were dark times for the people of Whodas.  Every great kingdom had gone to war.  Some over a clash of ideals, some were old rivalries, while some merely the ambition of its ruler.  It was during these times that monsters grew rampant and untamed.  No innocent was safe during these times, and a soldier was just as likely to be slain by a bull-headed bear-beast then by an enemy soldier during a battle.  It was here where Amira’s presence was needed most, yet the Goddess could not be found.

At the climax of this great war, a great flood of monsters erupted from what was to be believed as the hiding place of the Great Goddess. The surviving kingdoms had only one choice, and that was to combine forces to penetrate this “army of darkness,” reach the monolithic tower and ascertain the fate of their beloved Goddess.  What they discovered would change the course of history for Whodas forever.

Amira’s Gift

While only a few had reached the top chambers, the entire planet soon would learn Amira’s fate.  A dark portal had opened, letting loose nightmares worse than those seen during the war.  This timeless being had given up her life to close this portal.  This had a profound effect on the leaders of the kingdoms.  Immediately, the wars had ended and their attentions turned to eliminating the creatures from the portal that still remained.

Soon, people started to exhibit strange gifts.  At first, this was contained to those closest to the portal room, but eventually these gifts started appearing in citizens across the world.  To the Whodasians, only one explanation made sense.  Their Goddess Amira had left mankind one last gift to aid them in their survival.

New Portals Discovered

Now, nearly 30 years later, portals have been opened yet again.  The kingdoms have long since rid their world of monsters.  Instead of monstrous creatures, however, Whodasians have discovered other civilizations.  Convinced that their Goddess has given them the tools to confront any enemies, most kingdoms have started to prepare for the worst.  Some have expressed their power in the form of the weapons they create, while others realize their power in the ability to protect one another.  Regardless, the two great kingdoms of Nevermore and Largile are closest to these portals, and the most apprehensive in sending messangers to these other worlds.  Can they withstand the winds of change that threaten the horizon?