To Salumnous Valinia the 3rd,

            Warden of our Largile Kingdom & Hand to the Prince of Lions,

It is with great dismay that I must write to you now.  My apologies, but I have not the time to give you a formal introduction, as a heavy burden has been lain upon my shoulders.  Ours is a knighthood that has known a long peace.  I fear that peace is at an end. 

As one of the few with the privilege of wearing the title of Maiden Of Iron, you should know that I have kept my oath to service sacred in my heart, and it is that oath that has kept me alive long enough to send this missive now.  It is now that I ask a service of you.  Please take these words and give them the weight they deserve. 

My armor now lays broken and tattered in a foreign land.  A land of an alien violet sky. 

My station was along the trade routes of Nevermore.  While many of my patrol had been sent to investigate the strange claims of the golems made of metal and gears appearing in the south, I remained to guard the few left who had the courage to travel.  It was along these routes that I had discovered a creature of a different nature.  It resembled a hound, but only in shape alone.  Composed of a mass of writhing vines, it moved quite unnaturally, and seemed to possess an intelligence that betrayed its form. 

I followed that beast, remaining hidden, to find out where such a creature came from.  Eventually, it led me to a cave near the Shivermine Peaks.  At first I thought I had lost the trail, but further into cave I found something most curious indeed - a door to a strange landscape.  It boggled the mind, how such an expanse could fit inside the Shivermine.  The sky was both beautiful and terrifying, the horizon stained with shades of purple and green.  A line of cold metal spheres floated above in an orderly line. It was hard to understand exactly what I was looking at.

That is when I saw the two robed figures.  I could not quite make out what they were shouting at each other, their pronunciations were so peculiar, but they saw me.  A deep, unknown fear stirred deep within me as they leveled their gaze. Without hesitating, I ran to return to the cave, but I was unprepared for what would happen next. They wielded power. Not power drawn from within like those who wield Amara’s Gift.  No, this was ripped screaming from the sky itself. The force of the bolt was incredible, and I am alive now only because the smith had made my armor very stubborn.  The second attack would have ended me were it not that I felt Amara’s gift muster forth in me for the first time, weaving a robe of protection right in the blast's fiery path.  I managed to find my way back to Nevermore, but could not cover my tracks.  I have been seen, and we are no longer alone.

- Evanora Atherwolf                        
Captain of the 5th Silver Regimen